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Hello, My name is Allyn Morton. I am the owner and creator of Fulfilled Media. I am also the Curator Preterist Archives, an international collection of Bible related historical writings, documents and art otherwise found spread out over the World Wide Web.

I have built my various websites for the purpose of giving a venue for your voice. You, who have actually been gifted to write or to creat videos and podcasts for the purpose of better serving preterism AKA Fulfilled Eschatology, are the actual purpose for what I do. I don't have to tell you its how we accomplish the kingdom work of our day.

People like you cared enough to encourage me to utilize this wonderful tool of the internet to aid you in your Bible studies.

Oh yes, there is still plenty to do, but the bulk has been made available. I hope to present it in the most friendly way. On that we can truly say that we are accomplishing our goal(s) and we are pleased to present it to you.

Thank you for stopping by, and all the best in your search and research.

Allyn Morton

Owner and webmaster